Stairway Chair Lifts

You may ask yourself how you got here, and indeed, more importantly, you may ask yourself how I got here. I can only really answer one of those questions - how I got here - on a stairway chair lift. :)

Thank you, I'm here every Friday, try the roast beef it's really good. You'll have to use the stair lift chair to take you there because the kitchen is downstairs. It really is a smooth ride, unlike the older contraption we had - that first generation chair lift was rubbish, I tell you, but now, it's like butter, smooth and comfy.

All jokes aside, stairway chair lifts are really lifesavers. These devices are, at their best, practical and comfortable and quiet, and most importantly, they really do afford those of us who need them a level of freedom and independance that is difficult to quantify.

A stairlift is, according to Wikipedia,
a mechanical device for lifting people and wheelchairs up and down stairs

That's a pretty bland sort of description, but it is fairly accurate and does describe what on earth stair lift chairs are. Of course, if you've just started to look for one of these items because you or someone in your family needs one, you might come across their many different names - sometimes they are called stair gliders, electric stairlifts or stair-lifts, stairway chair lifts or simply chair lifts. Rest assured that they are all the same thing in reality; that is a mechanical mobility device to help you get around your house - up and down your stairs.

Now, stairlifts usually come in two different types - straight and curved. Obviously they are there to cater for straight staircases and curved staircases. Curved ones tend to be more expensive because they are often custom made for the the curve in your stairway and can, if you want, stop on the actual landing, whereas straight ones can be slightly more mass produced and usually come to a standstil when the footrest is in line with the top stair.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my website - I hope to be able to give you some usefull info on stairway chair lifts to help you decide which kind you want and what sort of budget you are looking at.

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